All about Steam Cell Treatment

One of the most promising areas for arthritis treatment is the use of autologous adult mesenchymal stem cells. These are progenitor cells (cells that can differentiate into other cells) that are present within the patient.

In treating osteoarthritis, we use a combination of growth factors and a tissue scaffold in order to hold the stem cells in place so that they can grow new cartilage. You can check stem cell procedure via medica stem cells for best result.

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Stem cell therapy is a breakthrough treatment that is used as a non-surgical option for people suffering from a variety of joint problems due to injury, disease or degeneration. Chronic knee pain due to injury or degenerative joint disease may benefit from regenerative medicine therapy. 

Stem cell therapy is a healthy option for those who are looking for pain relief without surgery. Pain as a result of injury or degeneration can be effectively treated with stem cell injection at the damage site.

There are multiple branches of medicine where there is growing enthusiasm to use these healing cells. The particular centre has been conducting procedures where there is early, yet undeniable proof of improvement in both clinical as well as objective parameters in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.


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