An Overview of Modern Whirlpool Baths

If you are thinking of getting your bathroom done in a new way, you should surely check out the whirlpool baths from Jade. With an exquisite sense of styling and facilities, the whirlpool and airport baths are the perfect way to relieve you from stress. All you need to figure out your needs- the Jade range takes care of the rest.

Air pools and whirlpools(which is also known as 'massasjebad' in the Norwegian language) can be added to your baths if you so desire. The whirlpool air spa system 3 allows you to combine both into an enriching bathing experience. The available choices would be on the Como, Ibiza, Lisbon, Dee Bow fronted, Viso, Sicily, Madrid, and Seville whirlpool ranges.

Each of these whirlpool systems has an on/ off switch added with 2 directional airflow control and directional jets of the whirlpool. You can also jets for your back and foot and suction filters for safety. The tubs, in general, have a capacity of 200 liters. Some of the baths are not predrilled with holes for a tap. However, necessary changes can be made as per your requirements. You can also choose to have an inline heater, kinetic color lights and electronic circuit breakers as you desire.

If you want to completely do away with a whirlpool and just have an air pool in place, the air spa system 2 provides you with a variety of choices to choose from. With on and off switch and air spa jets, the air pools come with a capacity of 250 liters in general. Even the air pools have not been pre-drilled for tap holes but can be customized as per your requirements.

Each of the products from Jade come in particular sizes and you can choose the products depending upon the space you have in your bathroom or upon how luxurious you want your bath to be. However, as afar as looking good is concerned, a moderate-sized bath is always advisable. Add this with a contemporary bathroom tab and heated towel rails and get ready to plunge into the most luxurious bathing experience.


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