Different Types Of Lock Used To Secure Property

For the safety of homes and properties, locks are the most basic equipment used. There are a number of lock systems available in the market. One might get confused while selecting a particular lock system. Professional locksmith North shore can help you in finding right lock system for your home or property.

Different types of locks available in the makes and their uses are listed below:


Padlocks are not fixed to any particular structure or device. You can remove padlocks easily and use it at a place you need to secure.  These locks are available in different sizes. They have two main types. The first type requires a key to open the lock. The second type requires dial where you have to enter a combination of the number in order to open it.


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Knob Locks

These kinds of the lock are frequently used on the doors. Make sure that you use such lock on outside doors as they can be easily destroyed. The door should have an opening for the lock that is being installed.

Dead Bolts

You can use such lock on external doors. They are considered best for security purpose. Single deadbolts are most commonly used in homes. The only problem with a single deadbolt is that burglar can break through window locks. You can open double deadbolt from either side i.e. outside or the inside. The third type of lock is lockable thumbturn that is a combination of Single deadbolts and double deadbolt. To open such lock you may require keys to open such lock.


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Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

These locks are used in apartments for security purpose. For Jimmy proof deadbolts installation you don’t need to drill holes into the door. The other locks are handled locks, rim locks, and cam locks.  In inside doors, you use lever handle lock. For locking filing cabinets, mailboxes and similar equipment cam lock are required.