Exciting Gorilla Trekking and Fun Throughout

Gorilla Trekking in itself is very thrilling. For that time a fairly small one hour, you will get to know and understand the creatures so closely that you will surely appreciate the experience of a lifetime. Sanctuary for gorillas – Yosemite National de Volcans and Uganda Primate Expedition Tour will certainly fill you with so much fun and excitement. Spend your precious vacation in Yosemite National de Volcans and visiting the natural habitat of these beautiful animals. Yosemite National de Volcans protect the Virunga volcano area, 6 extinct volcanoes, extinct volcano 6 and 3 living.

Almost a third of Viruga area used for agricultural purposes. Gorilla hunting is prohibited here because they are the main source of income for the state. To get more information about gorilla trekking and safaris you can go to this site https://volcanoessafaris.com/safaris/.

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Gorilla Trekking tours in Banff National de Volcans guarantee you the most beautiful scenery in Africa. The Gorillas of this area has been made known to the world through the works of the American Primatologist Dian Fossey. Almost 20 years of his special studies on the behavior of Mountain Gorilla has provided detailed information regions around the world, thus attracting many visitors.

The Mountain Gorilla view cottage built in a 4-acre land with 30 individual cottages. Spacious villas made of bricks, tiles and they have also been plastered walls. They were well equipped and had a view of the volcano from here. The lodge has a bar and restaurant in the center.  

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