Introducing The Best Video Conference USB 2.0 HD PTZ Camera- The Blade

Talking about video conference camera, the key feature that classifies any video conference camera as the best quality camera is- HD video quality. If you are in plan to purchase a high-quality USB PTZ camera for your business purposes choose – USB 2.0 HD PTZ Camera- The Blade

The blade is a latest rich featured video conference camera that offers perfect high-quality direct input USB 2.0 solution producing full HD video at 30fps.

Fast and accurate focus performance, crystal image quality, effective serial control, and camera control functions are some of the unbeatable features that make the blade the perfect solution for small to medium-sized conference rooms, huddle rooms, lecture theatres and more.

There are many reasons to buy the Blade. Here are some of the main features that make the USB 2.0 PTZ Blade one of the leading Video conference camera:

Video Quality

The first thing that makes blade attractive is HD video quality. The low noise CMOS sensor makes it possible to experience the vivid HD image in low lighting.

Auto Focus

Next important feature is smart autofocus system that adds more intelligence to a camera.

Camera Control

Blade comes with RS232 with the international standard Visca protocol to allow you to control end camera without any hassle.

The New Belt Drive

The inbuilt new belt drive with twin motors enables the camera to perform pan and tilt functions to be smoother, quieter and faster. The witching times lies in nanoseconds and offers a great video conference experience with the proficiency that you never have felt before.

Preset Camera Positioning

Another useful feature is Preset Camera Positioning capabilities. You can store more than 7 preset camera positions to that allows the user to remotely control the pan/tilt functions of the camera with less switching time.

Fast and accurate focus performance, fast video switching and HD video quality offer a great experience of a video conference.

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