How Listing Agent Is Different From Selling Agent?

If you consider selling your home, you’ll need an agent who will help you to sell your home. But what do you want a listing agent or a selling agent? People use these term as synonyms but they are quite different.

Difference between listing agent and selling agent
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Both of them are poles apart. Listing Agent represents the sellers whereas Selling Agent represents the buyers also known as Buyer’s Agent. This little piece of knowledge will boost your confidence when you sell/buy your home for the first time. Various companies such as The Mexico Collection provide both listings as well as selling agents to respective people who want to buy or sell their property.  

In this article, we will discuss both the listing and selling agent’s roles in great detail.

Listing Agent

A listing agent is doing as the name implies they list a property for sale. They work for the seller and hence also refer to as Seller’s Agent. They market the property to get it a good sold.

Selling Agent
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Selling Agent

The main role of real estate in Playa Blanca is to bring buyers to the table. They help the buyers to buy a property in their budget.

How the Listing Agent Is Compensated?

Generally, the listing agent has to sign an exclusive right to sell listing with the seller means that only listing agent will be entitled to the commission.  Exclusive Listing is a bilateral agreement between broker and seller. Listing belongs to broker and brokage of the company, not agent’s only property.

Selling Agent Compensation
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How a Selling Agent is Compensated?

When a competitor represents the buyer,  then listing brokage will compensate with another brokage. The listing brokerage pays the selling brokerage a portion of the earned commission in exchange for bringing a buyer if the buyer brings an offer that seller accepts. This is called a “co-op” commission.

A listing agent can be a selling agent but it is legal in a few states. So next time when you consider buying a home call selling agent and when to consider selling a home call listing agent. Check out here what are the hidden facts that your listing agent will not tell you anyway.  Read this whole article and act wisely.