Osteopathic Treatment Of Neck Pain

Osteopathic medicines are very popular nowadays, especially for people who suffer from joint and muscle pain. Many people believe that when you experience neck pain, one of the best sources you can look for is an osteopath.

Osteopathy in Gravesend is very famous for the relief of any type of pain. If you've never visited an osteopath before, you may be nervous, but you really don't need to worry.  

The first part of your visit will be a test that feels more like a visit to a "traditional" doctor. You will most likely give a complete medical history and also receive a physical examination.

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In many cases, your osteopath may order additional tests to help find out why your neck is in pain.

You should know that your visit to an osteopath will involve a little touch. The osteopath you visit can use one or all of the following methods to treat your neck pain:

Counterstrain technique: this is where you are moved to a position that helps restore movement to the muscle that may have been held or tense.

Muscle Energy Techniques: Your osteopath will give you special exercises where you will use your muscles from a certain position and move them in a specific direction.

Soft Tissue Technique: This technique involves your osteopath pressing the muscles near and around your spine. Sometimes the pressure is deep, sometimes involving rhythmic traction or stretching.

Push technique: Your osteopath will use high-speed force to reintroduce movements to your joints or to eliminate signs of muscle asymmetry, limited movement, muscle pain or tissue changes.