Reasons Stand Up Pouches Can Make Your Profits Stand At Attention

While standing pouch may not completely new for the packaging market, they have revolutionized the packaging industry such as to warrant a little attention. However, despite their success, there are still those manufacturers that use old packing methods to market their products, and they are really missing an opportunity to save a significant amount of resources, simply through the use of clear stand up pouches.

Bags are very useful for manufacturers of items such as pet food, chemicals, or foods such as soups. Here is a shortlist of reasons why stand bag is the answer to your packaging needs:

1. Stand the bag looks great on store shelves because they offer a lot of space for graphics and instructional information is important.

2. The composition of the standing pouch takes very good for printing and can serve as a virtual billboard for your products on store shelves. They can be printed with a number of designs and colors – you're only limited by your imagination.

3. Stand up pouch using far less material in the housing item rather than the more traditional packaging methods such as bag-in-a-box, glass, metal or rigid plastic containers. As a result, both manufacturers and end-users have less to throw away.

4. Because they can stand alone, the selection of merchandise available for products in the stand-up pouch is much larger than other items.

5. Stand up pouches are available in a number of styles and with several different methods of access, such as reclosable zippers, spouts, sliders, or stickers.

6. Made of plastic or a combination of plastic and aluminum laminate, stand bags offer excellent protection from external physical or chemical contaminants and can improve the freshness of the products that break down once exposed to oxygen.