Some Facts And Information About Singapore

If you are planning your next holiday destination, you should consider Singapore. Singapore is a popular tourist attraction and a living state located in the south of Malaysia. It has a mix of both western and eastern cultures are which makes it a tourist destination of Southeast Asia and is very popular both for the European and Asian travelers.

In addition to a rich culture, Singapore is also a country that is very safe and clean. In this article, let me share with you some facts and information about Singapore. Nowadays, Pullman residences in Singapore is one of the best apartments to invest in. You can easily check out the Pullman residences prices online to get more information about these residences.

First, let me give a brief introduction to the history of Singapore. Singapore was discovered by a British government official named Sir Stamford Raffles. Through the leadership and vision, he developed Singapore into a center of trade and a strong business.

Japan surrendered and the British ruled this country with an iron fist. At the end of World War II, the Japanese surrendered and returned to British Singapore.

In 1959, people living in Singapore struggle for independence. They want to rule their own country with its own government. Singapore, who strongly believes Singapore could become an independent nation.

Today, Singapore is highly dependent on the tourism industry. This proved very successful and many tourists prefer to come here. Tourists love the mixture of different cultures, cuisines, as well as the shopping experience here.

Singapore is also a country of racial harmony, where people of various religions live peacefully with each other. In Singapore, you can see a church on a street corner and a temple just next door. Singapore is also a shopping paradise for many tourists.

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