Top Tips on Caring For Scuba Diving Regulators

Scuba diving regulators are the most important part of your scuba diving gear. When you are plumbing the depths of the ocean, your life depends heavily on the flawless functioning of your dive regulator.

Proper maintenance of the diving regulators ensures that you never find yourself in a difficult situation while diving. The few minutes you spend on cleaning and maintaining the regulator will make it last for years.

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The below tips will help you understand what care the regulator demands:

Dry the dust cap and put it on: Before you begin to clean the regulator, dry the dust cap and screw it on tight. To dry the dust cap, you can use the air from the tank to blow the water off. Or you could simply use a towel to wipe away the moisture.

If the cap is not screwed on well, water may enter the first stage. So, ensure that it is fastened securely.

Submerge the regulator in fresh water: This is the easiest and most important part of caring for your scuba regulator. By soaking it in fresh water, you will ensure that no dirt particles stay attached to the regulator.

Move around the different levers of the regulator to ensure that no sediments stay lodged in it. If you fail to do this, the life of your equipment is reduced drastically. Warning: do not press the purge button while you are doing this.

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