Types of Solar Energy Panels

In today's world, every time someone takes the name "solar energy" the only image that is conjured up is large and ugly solar panels mounted on the rooftops and in the backyard.

Although these solar energy panels take up space, they help significantly reduce the amount of electricity taken from fossil fuels and give us clean, renewable energy utilized from the sun. You can also visit online sources to get tilt up panel construction services in Sydney.

Types of Solar Energy Panels

The following are some of the installation options currently available.


When it comes to solar panels, the ancestors of all of them, is a roof installation that is perfect for homes and for commercial applications too. The best part about installing solar panels on the roof is not using extra space from the property.

Installed on the ground

For homes that do not have enough space on the roof, solar panels installed on the ground are the right way. Solar panels mounted on the ground are installed on specially designed shelves, which are then secured to the ground.

Scale of Utilities

Utility scale solar panels are available in various sizes, and are designed with maximum results in mind. They are mostly used to produce electricity which is used to power several buildings at once.

Canopy Installation

Canopy installation symbolizes the phrase "double duty." Installations are similar to those installed on the ground, but panels are raised higher, allowing them to function both as power plants and shade providers.